Tips to simplify parenting in Digital Age

“Just because kids like to push buttons and watch videos, does not mean that they are ready for using technology.”

In this digital age, parents completely understand the importance of introducing their kids  to technology and helping them stay updated with its trends as well. From the time those tiny hands start grasping objects, kids start reaching for electronic gadgets of all kinds, particularly their parents’ cell phones and computers. But, amidst all the preaching and YES and NO’s for internet surfing, parents tend to overlook the importance of introducing their kids  to technology in the most positive way.

Undoubtedly, it is the foremost duty of the parents to be very much involved in their kids ’ experience with electronic devices and technology, especially at a young age. Their entire focus should be on the goal – To provide balanced exposure. Without the balanced exposure, kids won’t be able to differentiate between the bright and dark side of technology. Thus, to add up to this situation, we have got the easiest and efficient tips to help your kids have an introduction to technology in the most subtle ways –


1. TELL YOUR KIDS WHAT TECHNOLOGY IS ABOUT: Being unaware of what technology is about, kids likely do not understand the pros and cons of it. They need to know the basic uses and its benefits.

2. KEEP THE SCREENS OUT OF 24/7 REACH: Parents should keep media screens/ gadgets in family areas so that their kids’ media usage can be monitored. This will help keep the focus on other important aspects concerning their mental and physical development.

3. IF IT’S SCREEN TIME, THEN MAKE IT SELECTIVE: When picking fun games and apps for your kids, look for ones that are both age-appropriate and educational. Find your kids’ areas of interests and help them explore in these with the help of suitable apps.

4. JOIN THEM IN SCREEN TIME: Monitor what your kids are doing with the gadgets, what type of access they have and how can you add to the learning experience they are having.

5. TRY RESISTING THE GADGETS FOR LONGER HOURS: If your kids watch you using gadgets 24/7, then chances are, they will follow your footsteps. So, try modeling the right behavior and substituting screen time with quality time together; Plan a special outing, play a board game together or let your kids choose an activity and follow their lead.

It’s all about monitoring and teaching them about ‘how technology can be a boon to their lives’ while ‘its misuse can cause harm’. Hope these easy yet effective tips help you and also you can share with us what are your tips to introducing technology to your kids  and for providing them with a safe introduction to it.

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