Mother’s day gift ideas for kids that they can make easily.

Mother's day gift ideas






Mothers are special. From earning a living to providing the kids with comfort and warmth, mothers do whatever it takes to make their child happy and healthy. If you ask a bunch of kids what they love about their moms, we are pretty sure that they can’t just stick to one particular thing. Not certain? Well, ask yourself this question too!!

There’s just something about mothers which is very magical. You need something and she already knows it – This right here proves that ‘Magic’ exists and makes the bond even more stronger. In the beginning of their child’s’ life, and even sometimes for the entirety of their life, mothers put their own personal desires and needs on hold for their little ones; Their children’s needs come first. These strong feminine figures are just the perfect example of love, sacrifice and a better upbringing. Now that Mother’s day is right on the corner, we have 3 personalised DIY mother’s day gift ideas for the kids –


  • The Little Picasso prints: Hey kids, what could be more special than your own handprints on the card you are making for your mother. So, let loose with finger paints and ask your siblings to join (if any). Oh and seek your Dad’s help to add cute snapshots of yourself in the card, and write about how much your mother means to you.
  • Plant-one-for-her: This is actually one of the best picks ever. Plant your mama’s favourite flower and name it after her. So for example, if your mama’s name is Sadie – then name the plant as ‘Sadie’s lilies’. Now you must be wondering what’s special about this idea – Well, every time your mum sees you remember to take care of your plant, she will be reminded of how much you love her – what a lasting gift!. And we are sure kiddos, that you want those plants to blossom. Right? 🙂
  • A Bookmark for Mom – If your mom is a bibliophile, then this is just the right gift for her. Create a bookmark with a special message and your favourite quote from the book. Again, seek dad’s help for this and you can even gift her a new book, if possible.

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