Top wonderful summer camp activities for kids

Summer Vacation is the best time to bond with nature, family and friends. You possibly want to introduce your kids to a wide variety of experiences, so they can learn and grow and explore, get ahead, be smart and well-rounded. Right?

Well, here we have our Top 3 wonderful Summer Activities where the whole family can have a lot of fun and enjoy, while giving your kid an enriching experience :


Nature trail

Nature trail benefits for kids






Trail walking is one of the most favourite activities of kids. The freedom of running down paths, climbing on fallen logs, examining animal tracks, and everything that’s written on the ‘Nature Trail Map’ is just amazing. It can be enjoyed in any season and by kids of all age groups and abilities. As far the ‘Nature Trail Map’ is concerned, you can take the fun up a notch.

Draw a proper map of your trail and write some instructions for your little nature hunters. Try to include some fascinating facts about the things they’ll see and add a few quiz questions to make this a learning experience. Eg. Have them  name a tree or flower using a print out of our spotter sheet i.e. the one with the map on it.

Trust us, it will really be a lot of fun for the whole family!!








For a moment, just imagine catching only one fish after putting efforts for the whole day. Let’s be honest, fishing can be frustrating for the kids that lack patience! You just can’t anticipate the amount of time it will take to catch a fish – Could be one minute or even straight up 7-8 hours. Wondering what we pointing to? Well, Fishing can be a really fun activity to indulge the kids in and help them learn the art of patience. HOW? Please suggest some things to do while you wait with the bait

As a summer activity, it’s actually fun to be near nature. BUT IT IS REALLY HOT!!  so not sure about this point

Sounds pretty boring! Have your kids tell the different names of fishes around, their body type/ structure  and various other fun facts. Even you can join them in the fun fact games.

For eg. Tell them Catfish have over 27,000 taste buds, whereas humans have only 9,000. OR Ask them – What is the loudest fish? The answer is, the croaker.








Marveling at glowing heat and the crackling sound of fire makes everyone feel so relaxed. Surrounded by nature, a campfire tends to be a break for you from all the hustle and bustle of cosmo-life. Your kids too will enjoy to spend time with nature and you, while fighting cutely for the campfire scones. Not to miss the marshmallows
Hope these activities help you to make the best of your vacation. Don’t forget to wear a cap sunscreen and take lots of water with you when you are out in the day
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