Diaz Music Institute: Honoring The Past, Living The Present, Dreaming The Future

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There is a wide variety of opportunities for your children to learn music. However, Diaz Music Institute sets itself apart by teaching not only musical technique but life skills as well. This widely acclaimed organization creates musical education opportunities for kids from every background and income level across Houston. We’re excited to share more with you today about the great ways the Diaz Music Institute is keeping kids engaged and helping them succeed!

The Top Hispanic Music Program of Its Kind

The Diaz Music Institute (DMI) was created in 2000 by Artistic Director Jose Antonio Diaz. DMI was established with the intention of giving every Houston child the opportunity to study and experience Latin music in a rigorous, encouraging environment. Because of the quality of its programs and results, DMI has garnered attention from around the world and is considered the top Hispanic music organization of its kind.

How the Diaz Music Institute Helps Kids

There’s a lot more to being successful in life than grades and natural talents. At DMI, students learn the skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of success, regardless of the path they choose. Through interaction with peers, fellow students, and some of Latin music’s greatest performers, DMI participants learn skills such as focus, self-discipline, confidence, and teamwork. Every child who spends time at DMI is mentored and encouraged to work hard. The Diaz Music Institute proudly maintains a 100% high school student graduation rate.

Available Programs

DMI produces several different program options for Houston kids. The institute’s repertoire ensemble, named Caliente, rehearses and performs regularly throughout the year. Additionally, many area schools and organizations have partnerships with the institute to host classes and events. DMI also hosts music festivals and workshops. You can read more about these programs on the Diaz Music Institute website.

What Kids Can Learn at Diaz Music Institute

Besides learning to play instruments and mix music, DMI’s students dive deep into the history and diversity of Latin music. They study the development of Latin music, including composers and performers who were pivotal to its growth. Also, the students are engaged in musical mentoring relationships with current musicians. These partnerships are pivotal for the students’ skill development, both musically and personally.

Music is important for every child. It improves memory and social skills. It exposes them to new ways of thinking and fosters creativity. For Houston families, Diaz Music Institute is providing a challenging and rewarding environment to learn both music and life skills. We are glad to partner with DMI, and we highly recommend their programs for your children!

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