Fall Fun with Cy-Fair Music and Arts

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As the school year begins and calendars fill quickly, don’t forget to include quality extracurriculars for the whole family! For students in the Cypress and Houston area, Cy-Fair Music and Arts has countless opportunities to learn new skills and participate in the arts. From babies to adults, Cy-Fair provides quality instruction and fun. Read on to learn more about the music and art classes offered this fall.

Masterful Music Classes

Cy-Fair Music and Arts holds music classes for students of all ages and skill levels. Kindermusik classes are mommy-and-me experiences for children from birth through age 5. The classes provide exposure to music of all kinds in a group setting. Students in grades 3-6 can join the children’s chorus titled, “Just Gotta Sing.” This ensemble receives group instruction in singing technique and lays a foundation for future vocal instruction. Starting as early as age 3, students have the opportunity to take private lessons on a range of instruments, including violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano, and drums. Cy-Fair employs more than 20 music teachers, all with extensive training and education.

Join Drama Kids to Develop Life Skills

The Drama Kids program at Cy-Fair Music and Arts helps students gain confidence and find their voices. With specific classes from PreK to twelfth grade, all students have the opportunity to boost their self-esteem and confidence. As they work through a copyrighted original curriculum, students practice creativity, leadership skills, and public speaking. Even the most reserved child feels welcome and encouraged in these classes!

Tutorials for Budding Artists

Children ages 4-13 are welcome in the Cy-Fair Music and Arts fall art classes. With classes on weekends and weekday afternoons and evenings, it is easy to find a convenient time for your family. This year’s art projects include themes like clay & pottery, Western art, and cartoons and comics. Students explore a wide variety of techniques and styles throughout the duration of the class.

If these opportunities aren’t enough to convince you to check out Cy-Fair Music and Arts classes, there’s more! The school does not require any long-term contracts or commitments. Most students remain enrolled for years, but you can withdraw at any time if necessary. Additionally, the waiting room at Cy-Fair is spacious and comfortable, with padded chairs and free wi-fi. Each year, the school hosts recitals, art shows, and performances, all of which are completely free! In addition to all these perks, Cy-Fair Music and Arts maintains a highly professional front desk staff on-site Monday through Friday from 9am-8pm, and Saturday from 9am-2pm. With an active enrollment of over 800 students, Cy-Fair Music and Arts is the number one choice for music and art lessons in the Houston area. To learn more about the services and classes offered, visit their website today!

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