After School Activities Keep Kids Engaged in the Real World

after school activities

There’s nothing wrong with some screen time in moderation. Too much screen time can be addictive, though, especially for developing brains. Worse, screen time is a form of passive entertainment, which means that kids don’t have to be fully engaged to enjoy it. If you want your kids to learn how to keep themselves engaged and entertained without relying on outside sources, you’re going to need to provide them with time away from the screens. Thankfully, after school activities are exactly what they need to stay engaged in the real world.

Develop Their Social Skills

Kids need to learn how to interact with other kids outside of the classroom. School is only one setting, and it’s good for kids to interact with peers in different contexts. After school activities give kids the perfect opportunity to develop their social skills. They’ll get the benefit of hanging out with kids who have a shared interest. As friendships develop, they’ll learn about teamwork, differences, and how to handle conflict appropriately. Kids already know how to interact with friends from behind a screen, but after school clubs will give them the face-to-face contact that people need to thrive.

Keep Their Brains Active

While some screen activities do have some educational value, most just keep kids distracted and entertained. Your kids’ developing brains need to stay engaged to grow. After school activities can help. They don’t have to be strictly academic actives, either. Any activity that keeps a child thinking and moving will do the trick. Art and music classes help kids engage parts of their brain that they may not have engaged during the school day. Dance and sports help kids develop a sense of spatial reasoning. Each activity has different brain benefits, so if you let your children pursue their interests, you can’t go wrong.

Let Them Move

Hopefully, your kids get up to an hour to play during recess. They may also have gym class during the school day, and many schools are taking extra time to let kids move and stretch in between lessons. These are all great things, but children still spend a lot of time sitting during the day. Screen time only encourages more sitting. When after school activities get the kids away from the screens, they can move, stretch, and unwind from the stresses of the day without completely disengaging from the real world.

After School Activities

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