Best After School Activities for Introverted Kids

after school activities
after school activities
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How can you encourage your introverted child to thrive while also supporting his or her need for low-key activities? If you’re an extroverted parent, or even if you’re an introvert who was expected to act like an extrovert when you were a kid, it can be difficult to learn how to support your introverted child. Your kid may or may not love high-energy activities like dodgeball, but the after school activities we listed below are especially well-suited for kids with quieter temperaments.

Leadership Programs

All too often, introverted kids are expected to take a backseat to their extroverted counterparts. Sometimes, teachers and other authority figures mistakenly assume that leadership and volume are the same thing, which means that your young introvert may not get the chance to fully realize his or her quiet leadership skills. Your child can learn leadership skills while staying true to his or her personality. Mentorship programs provide a great space to expand these skills. The after school programs from Boykins Youth Foundation will be back this winter. Why not check it out?

Individual Sports

Team sports provide an excellent way for kids to learn new skills and bond with teammates, but kids with quieter personalities may not always enjoy the rowdier sports. Individual sports, on the other hand, can really help your athletic introvert thrive. Introverted kids prefer to “go deep” with their activities. Sports like swimming, karate, and yoga can give your child opportunities to focus inward. Though these are individual activities, kids practice these skills in groups, giving them the benefit of a low-key social environment that is less likely to overwhelm them. If you’re looking for athletic after school activities, we love Awakened Yoga Studio.

Art Programs

Speaking of combining teamwork with individual depth, art classes can provide a wonderful outlet for young introverts. Painting, drawing, and music classes all provide fun social opportunities in environments that don’t overstimulate. Art programs boost learning for kids of all temperaments. If your introverted child has an artistic streak, check out Katy Art School, which is dedicated to nurturing creative minds.

After School Activities

Looking for more ideas for your child’s after school activities? iQurious Kids has exactly what you need. We provide a go-to source for you to find after school activities. If you’re looking for activities that will build your child’s academic skills, boost social confidence, and provide fun and safe environments, use our search tool to find programs near you.

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