Indoor After School Activities for When It Is Unbearably Hot Outside

indoor after school activities
indoor after school activities
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If you live in Texas, then you undoubtedly understand how the continual hot weather can begin to wreak havoc on your body. For kids, the effects of heat can be much quicker and more severe, leading to things like dehydration and sunstroke. As a parent, you understand the importance of physical activity. But as things heat up outside, it might become harder to get kids engaged in physical exertion. These indoor after school activities are an excellent way to get children moving!

Play Twister

The game of twister continues to be a family favorite for good reason. Not only is it excellent exercise, but it gets a whole lot of laughs. If you promise to play, then your child is sure to join in and get all twisted up. Take turns spinning the dial, and get yourself into some pretty crazy positions. It won’t take long before you’re collapsing into a puddle of laughter.

Set Up an Obstacle Course

Kids love to compete against one another, so let them race to the finish line of an obstacle course created indoors. Use different types of obstacles like lining up hola hoops or make tape lines of the floor to second as a balance beam. You can have them race through the course and time each one to see who can compete is quicker. Or you can set up two courses, and let them race against one another.

Balloon Games

What child doesn’t love balloons? There are lots of fun games you can play using this old party favorite. Try Blowing up some balloons and have each child place a balloon between their knees. The object of the game is to waddle from one end of the room to the other as fast as they can without losing the balloon. Once they get to the other end, have a chair set up where they have to sit on the balloon until it bursts. Or for young children, have a bucket for them to throw the balloon into. Then have the kids race back to see who can get to the finish line first.

The Crab Walk

The crab walk game is simple, but it’s a favorite game for kids of all ages. Race your child by having them walk like a crab from one end of the room to the next. You’ll find that isn’t as easy as it looks! With this fun indoor after school activity, you’ll both use muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Just because the weather outside is too hot for kids to run around, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need exercise. Instead of giving them time to sit around playing video games, get them active with these great indoor after school activities that will help them get their energy out and get a little exercise too. For more tips and tricks about how to keep kids moving, check out iQurious Kids today.

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