Four Ways that the Arts Benefit Your Kids

after school activities
after school activities
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When you look for after school activities, you can’t go wrong with the arts. There’s something for everyone. For your kid with the dramatic flair, theater camp is the way to go. For your little daydreamer with the vivid imagination, painting classes will provide the perfect outlet. The arts, however, provide much more than something for your kids to do after school. They also come with a long list of benefits. We’ve listed our four favorite benefits below, but feel free to look up other benefits, too. You’ll easily find dozens of reasons why the arts make perfect after school activities.

Better School Performance

Study after study proves that the arts can help your kids perform well in school, and not just in art-related subjects. Art encourages kids to think outside the box, empowering them to find creative solutions to difficult problems. It helps children to engage different parts of their brains. Any type of art can help your child academically, so look for activities that will interest him or her the most.

Better Creative Processing

That “think outside the box” mentality won’t just benefit your children in class, though. They can also use their artistic skills to process difficult situations. Plenty of child psychologists will tell you that art is therapeutic. It can give kids a healthy escape. It also provides a creative way to process emotions. Kids may be small, but they have big feelings. They don’t always have the tools that they need to express those feelings. Artistic after school activities can help provide those tools.

Reduced Screen Time

When your kids come home from school, do they immediately reach for their phones and tablets? After school activities can keep them away from those screens. Artistic activities are especially helpful in this area. With projects that they can take home and activities to engage their interest throughout the week, the arts can empower your kids to reach for the paintbrush instead of the remote control.

Increased Confidence

Art requires practice. Whether it’s singing, writing, drawing, or any other type of art, it gets better the longer you stick with it. As your child gets more practice through artistic after school activities, his or her skill will improve, too. When children can see their skills get better with practice, they gain confidence in their own abilities, and that confidence can benefit them in all areas of their lives.

After School Activities

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