How to Promote Your Seasonal Activities

summer camp in houston tx
summer camp in houston tx
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Do you have seasonal activities scheduled for kids this year? It can be challenging to get the word out about your summer camp in Houston, TX. These tips will help you spread the news far and wide to parents who are right inside your target market.

Know Your Market

Your advertising dollars will be most effective when they are spent on people who are truly interested in your offers. Spend some time thinking about your ideal client – the parent who will sign their child up for your camp. Consider this parent’s likes and dislikes, income level, shopping preferences, favorite social media apps, and so on. By defining your target market, you’ll discover where to spend your advertising budget.

Advertise Now

Parents are starting to investigate summer camp opportunities now, well before school lets out. It’s important to implement your advertising strategy right away to capture their attention. Wait too long, and their choices are already set. But which options are best for advertising? We recommend these outlets for the best return on your time and money.

Your Website

Make sure your website looks clean and has up-to-date information, including the best contact information for inquiries. Your website needs to have plenty of interesting photos and/or videos along with registration forms and FAQ pages. It’s imperative that your website is mobile-responsive, since many parents will access it from their phones.

Social Media

If your business is on Facebook, use the Insights tab to discover when your highest number of followers is online, and manually schedule posts for that time period. Instagram also appeals to many parents and children, and it’s a good place to post photos of your summer camp. Twitter may also be a good place to reach parents with locally-based hashtags. Consistency is key when using social media, so have a post schedule mapped out ahead of time, and stick to it.

Email Marketing

Use the power of your existing email list to renew registrations. Email all the parents that have signed up in past years and let them know about your season-specific events. You can even consider offering a discount for returning customers or a benefit if they refer a new customer to you. Use giveaways and contests to attract new email subscribers on social media.

Need Marketing Help for Your Summer Camp?

At iQurious Kids, we partner with providers like you to get the word out about summer camps in the Houston area. We can help your camp information get found online, even if it’s limited to a specific time of year. Email to get started.

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