How to Enjoy Your Child’s Break from School

kids activities in Houston, TX

Do you have plans for your child’s break from school this year? There are lots of kids activities in Houston, TX that you can enjoy with your child during breaks. Here are some tips for activities you can enjoy with your child this year to make the most out of time off school.

Paint Parties

Paint parties are a popular activity for both children and adults to enjoy. Even if you aren’t skilled with a paintbrush, teachers guide you through a painting exercise, and you have a wonderful creation to take home. You can sign up for a paint party that you can do with your child. This activity will create an inspiring memory with a keepsake.

Adventure Classes

Every child enjoys a new adventure. By taking an adventure class, your child can experience zipline, rope courses, and rock climbing for the first time. Even if your child is not athletic, these adventure classes can be a blast when your child is on break from school.

Cooking Classes

Do you have a budding chef in your family? Your child is bound to enjoy one of the many cooking classes available in the Houston area. You can find classes that specialize in all sorts of things like baking, food preparation, main dishes, and snacks. Simply choose one to your child’s liking.

Magic Lessons

Think outside the box, and register your creative child for a lesson in magic. Your child will learn tricks and slight-of-hand motions to entertain family and friends. Your child’s imagination will be sparked for weeks after a magic lesson.

STEM Activities

If your child is interested in math, science, technology, or engineering, you can find STEM activities to stimulate their minds. Look for LEGO building camps, website construction classes, camps for designing robots, and classes centered on invention creation. Your child’s brain will thrive on STEM activities during school breaks.

Sports Camps

Whether your child likes soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, or any other sport, you’ll be able to find a sports camp for it in Houston, TX. These camps can help your child refine his or her talent. Just remember to sign up early, though, because sports camps tend to fill up fast.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many activities that can develop an altruistic spirit in your child. Your local animal shelter may have a program for your child to play with and take care of the animals. Try checking with a nonprofit agency to learn how your child can volunteer during school breaks.

Need More Ideas?

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