How to Promote Your Kids Camps in Houston

Are you providing kids camps in Houston, TX this year? It’s time to get the word out about your camps. IQurious Kids can help you spread the word about your kids camps, and you can help get the word out with these steps.

Find Your Target Market

What type of kids camps are you hosting? The more detailed you can get in your descriptions, the more likely a parent in your target market will be able to find your camp online. Round up all the details before you write a social media post or spend a single dollar on advertising.

You’ll need to step inside the shoes of the parent who is signing his or her child up for camp. What is this parent thinking about? What are her likes and dislikes? What is his income level? Where does she shop? Where do they spend the most time on social media? By answering these questions, you’ll know where to advertise your kids camps.

Get the Word Out

The sooner you have your target market definition, the sooner you can get the word out about your kids camps. You’ll need to advertise at least four to six weeks in advance of your camps to give parents time to sign up. It’s important that you get the word out before your competition gobbles up the camp registrations. These are the best places to start advertising your kids camps.

1. Your Email List

Your email list is the best tool for finding customers. Remember your registration forms from previous years? Cull the parent email addresses from those lists. Send an email to each parent and offer a discount or reward for return customers. You can also offer incentives if they refer another parent to you.

2. Your Website

When parents search for your website online, you want it to be ready to go. Make sure your site uses a mobile-friendly interface since many parents will access it from their smartphones. Stock your site with plenty of camp pictures, downloadable registration forms, and an FAQ page. Parents will be more likely to sign up if they can find lots of information online first. Be sure to include a phone number so they can call with questions.

3. Social Media

After you determine which social media sites will reach parents in your target market, plan a posting strategy. You can post photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Pinterest can also be a useful tool for getting the word out about kids camps. Post every day, at least once per day, for the best results. Be sure to follow up on comments and questions as soon as possible.

Need Help Promoting Your Kids Camps?

At iQurious Kids, we work alongside service providers like you to get the word out about kids camps in Houston, TX. We can help you form a customized advertising strategy to reach the parents most likely to sign up for your caps. Send us an email at to get started on your custom package.

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