4 Activities that Encourage Literacy

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Want your child’s reading level to improve this year? Besides reading to your child, you can try these four literacy activities to boost literacy levels. These literacy activities are linked to fun things to do in Houston this summer and beyond.


Children can’t get enough of storytelling. Whether it’s from you, another adult, or a professional storyteller, children love hearing stories. You can attend storytelling sessions at your local library this summer. You can also look for storytelling events that feature stories of interest for both children and adults. Professional storytellers add whimsy and drama to their presentations, which can keep your children engaged. Your child may even want to read the book that the storyteller presents. With practice, your child will be able to read the book all on his or her own!

Puppet Shows

Kids love the fun of puppet shows. The puppets act out a story in visual form, which is entertaining for your child. Puppet shows are fun literacy activities that can capture your child’s interest in a classic story. Look for puppet shows that feature popular fairy tales or adventure stories, such as Robin Hood or Beauty and the Beast. A puppet show is another layer to increase your child’s interest in books. They are one of the many fun things to do in Houston this year.

Writing Stories

If your child can hold a crayon, he or she can tell a story all on her own. Encourage your child to write stories in pictures, words or a combination of both. Children love drawing, and they will take delight in writing their own creative stories. Inspire your child’s imagination by asking him or her to draw or write a classic story in his or her own way. This will help your child become more engaged in literacy activities.

Arts and Crafts

You can also boost your child’s reading skills by using arts and crafts. When your child creates something that goes along with a story, the craft adds another layer of learning. For example, you could ask your child to sculpt a literary character from clay. You can assist a younger child with making a literary character with paper plates and construction paper.

Another fun arts and crafts activity for your child is making his or her own blank book. You can use inexpensive materials to create a blank book for your child to use for his or her own stories. This book can lead your child through a valuable literary exercise that develops imagination.

For the best literacy activities, check with IQurious Kids for all the fun things you can do in Houston this year. You’ll find various book-related activities in libraries, bookstores, and reading fairs. You can even find literacy-related summer camps for your child with our help.

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