How to Fill Your After-School Program Fast

Do you have an after-school program ready for the upcoming school year? Now is the time to think about how to fill an after-school program. These tips will help you get the word out about your program so you can keep your classes full.

Market to Parents Now

It makes sense to get in touch with parents now because the school year is only a few months away. Parents are setting their budgets and looking for after-school programs–why not get in on the action yourself? Go where parents are to start advertising. With permission, place flyers in libraries, rec centers, sports complexes, and other places parents in your target market are frequenting. Think about coffee shops, small businesses, and more venues that may be willing to support your efforts. Of course, by talking about your program in these places, you’ll harness the power of word-of-mouth advertising.

Employ Email Marketing

If you have an existing email list, this is the most powerful tool you possess for filling up your after-school program. Parents who have already used your services will know what you are about. Even if their children have aged out of the program, you can offer prizes for referrals. Send targeted emails now so parents have a heads-up about your programs well before the school year begins.

Spiff Up Your Website

Go ahead and place all relevant information on your website today. Parents now investigate their choices online, and it’s essential that your information is available in an instant. You’ll need to list dates, pricing, and sign-up information online. If you have pictures of your program, those are great to include with the information. Also, check with your web developer to ensure that your site is mobile-responsive. Be sure to include a FAQ page so parents know what to expect.

Spread the Word on Social Media

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your after-school program. You can get fuller classes by holding contests and giveaways on Facebook and Instagram. As long as you are following the rules for giveaways, they can be a fun way to get the word out about your program. Customize the giveaway according to your program. For example, if you have an art program, you can give away art supplies and an artist smock with your company logo. Think creatively and make it fun, and you’ll engage your audience.

Need Marketing Help for Your After-School Program?

At iQurious Kids, we help after school program providers fill up their classes. We have the marketing expertise to help you reach the parents and children in your target market. You can count on us to know how to fill an after-school program for you. If you need assistance getting the word out about your program, get in touch with us at We’ll form a custom package to help you succeed.

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