Best Ways to Get the Word Out About Camp Invention

Camp Invention Houston is a great STEM based summer program for students ages 5-12.
Camp Invention Houston is a great STEM based summer program for students ages 5-12.
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Camp Invention Houston is a fun summer camp in the Houston area for students ages 5-12. At this camp, kids get to take part in real-world problem solving, inventing, and working with a team. The kids even get to work on challenges for inventors who have been inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame! This year, activities include creative projects such as designing a “smart” home, creating a robotic dog, and more! If your kid likes STEM, then this is the camp for them! The camp costs around $230 for the week and lasts all day. Spark the inventor in your child with a week full of creative thinking and design. Now that you know about the camp, here are some ways to spread the word to other families!

Bring a Flyer to School

One easy way to spread the word about Camp Invention is through the school. If your child has attended the camp in the past and loved it, share this with the school! Bring a flyer to the front office and ask if it can be distributed and sent home with the kids. Since the camp is STEM-related, the school will likely want to share the information with families. This is a great way to get a lot of parents to learn about Camp Invention.

Share with Other Groups

In addition to sharing with the school, talk about the camp to people in other groups you are in. This could be a church group, book club, or a group of soccer moms at a Saturday morning game. Whatever the case, discuss the camp when you are in groups where a lot of the people have young children. The parents will be thankful that you are willing to share information with them about such a wonderful camp.

Social Media

Last but not least, share the camp on social media. Share your kid’s experience at Camp Invention on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and any other platforms of social media that you use. Make sure to add the camp link to your post so that other parents can sign their kids up. Also, be sure to post some fun, cute pictures of your kids at the camp!

STEM has become extremely popular with kids of all ages. In fact, many schools are now implementing STEM into different aspects of their curriculum. Extend STEM into the summer with Camp Invention Houston. This camp will challenge your child to solve real-world problems and give them a chance to invent, create, and design.  Contact iQurious Kids today for more information about Camp Invention.



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