How to Implement Mindfulness in Your Child’s Daily Routine

There are many kids activities in Houston TX that will help kids learn the tools of mindfulness. Check out local after-school yoga programs!

Mindfulness is something that should be implemented into your child’s daily routine. It is important to teach children how to be mindful, as it is not something that they will automatically know how to do. A good first step is signing them up for kids’ activities in Houston, TX that focus on mindfulness. Once they learn the techniques, help them to incorporate mindfulness into their lives outside of their after-school activity. Read on for more information about implementing mindfulness in your child’s daily routine.

Attend an After-School Program Focused on Mindfulness

Houston has many great after-school programs for kids that focus on mindfulness. Many of the local yoga studios offer classes for kids that will help them learn how to focus on breath and movement. Kingwood Yoga and Wellness Center offers yoga for kids. The classes help kids with deal with issues like ADHD management, anxiety relief, and anger management through learning mindfulness. This program is for students ages 4-12. Another studio, Big Yoga, offers kids’ classes every day. The studio provides classes for kids ages 2-12. The classes are at the same time as the adult classes, so parents can get in their yoga session too! After-school yoga classes will help kids learn tips and tricks about mindfulness.

Give Your Child Yoga Breaks

Once your child has learned mindfulness techniques from their after-school program, start to incorporate it in their daily lives. As they are doing homework, encourage them to take yoga breaks. Tell them to take a break every 15-20 minutes and do a few yoga poses. This will help them stay calm, relaxed, and focused as they complete their homework. Staying mindful while doing homework is great for all students, especially those with focusing issues.

Teach Them How to Meditate

Meditation is a great tool for people of all ages and can be especially helpful to children. Teach your kids how to sit still and take deep breaths. Remind them that this is a tool they can use when they are feeling nervous or stressed. Give them specific times that they could use meditation to relax, such as before a test or before a dance recital.

Mindfulness is such an important thing for children to learn. Those living in the Houston area are lucky because there are many kids’ activities in Houston, TX that teach kids yoga and mindfulness. Encourage your children to apply what they learn in their after-school activity to other areas of their life through yoga and meditation. For more information about mindful after-school programs in the Houston area, contact iQurious Kids today.


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