4 Ways to Practice Gratitude as a Family Over the Holidays

There are so many fun things to do in Houston around the holidays but be sure to take time to practice gratitude as a family!

The holidays are a great time for families to refresh and recharge. Kids are off from school, and parents usually have some sort of break from work. Use this time to reconnect and practice gratitude. Also, carve out time to find some fun things to do in Houston as a family. As we move into the holiday season, here are four ways to practice gratitude as a family over the holidays.

Write Down Things For Which You Are Thankful

The holidays are a time to practice gratitude. Starting with Thanksgiving and going through the end of December, there are so many opportunities to give thanks. Create a list with your kids of all the things for which you are grateful. This could be people, pets, or concepts like spending time together as a family. By talking about gratitude and writing down what you are thankful for, you will notice that your sense of awareness around gratitude grows.

Spend Time Together

Use the holidays as a time to reconnect as a family and spend some time together. Taking time to do something together is one of the best ways to show gratitude for each other. This could be taking a short trip, going on an outing near your house, or just spending the day at home playing board games! There are so many fun things to do in Houston around the holidays that it can be hard to choose! Pick something that the whole family will enjoy and plan a day around it. Your kids will love getting to spend the whole day with Mom and Dad. It will be relaxing, fun, and get everyone in the holiday spirit.

Say It Out Loud

Another great way to practice gratitude this holiday season is to say it out loud! Pick a time each day where every member of the family gets to share one thing they are thankful for. The easiest time to do this is at the table right before dinner. Stating one thing you are grateful for helps the whole family reflect and take time to consider gratitude.

Spread It!

Spread gratitude all around beyond your family and friends by helping those in need. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, work at a coat drive, or walk dogs at the shelter. These types of activities will help your kids learn the importance of gratitude and helping others.

There are so many things to do in Houston around the holidays. Take time out of the busy holiday schedule to spend some quality time as a family doing an activity everyone enjoys as an act of gratitude for each other. In addition, write down and discuss things you are grateful for this holiday season. As 2020 approaches, contact iQurious Kids for information about fun programs your kid can try in the new year.

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