4 Best After School Programs for an Artsy Kid

There are so many after school programs in Houston focused on the arts. Expose your child to the arts at an early age with some of these fun programs!

If your child enjoys the arts, consider enrolling them in an after-school program that focuses on their interests. Unfortunately, during the school week, children typically only attend art and music classes once or twice a week. This drops even more once they enter high school. Luckily, there are many after-school kids’ programs in Houston that are focused on the arts. Read on for information about four of these wonderful programs.

Houston Public Library After School Art

The Houston Public Library system has a couple of different after-school art clubs for kids ages 5-18. One program is called the Coloring Club. The library provides kids with coloring pages and tools to let their imaginations run wild. Another program allows students to practice their creativity with 3D modeling software. They will learn how to prototype and make designs that they can then print using the 3D printer. Your child will walk away with a physical object that they created themselves. This program is a great way to combine a passion for STEM and art.

Purpose N Motion

Art can come in the form of dance! At Purpose N Motion, kids ages 7 through 18 can sign up for a wide range of classes based on their interests. Purpose N Motion teaches creative movement, ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical/contemporary, sports combo, cheer, gymnastics, yoga, and mat Pilates. The focus is on personal improvement and cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

Foelber Pottery

Pottery is such a unique art form to learn. It is a very peaceful process to create beautiful items out of clay. At Foelber Pottery’s after-school program, students will learn how to use the potter’s wheel, hand build, glaze, and do primitive Raku firings. The program is for students ages 12 through 15.

Moosic School

Music is another wonderful form of art. Does your child have a passion for an instrument or singing? Then Moosic School is the perfect place for your child to learn and grow as a musician. Moosic offers numerous after-school music private lessons for children ages 5 through 8 in piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, bass guitar, flute, trumpet, and voice and composition. There are even group classes for kids ages 3 and 4 and kindergarteners.

Art is a fantastic way for children to express themselves. There are many after-school kids’ programs in Houston that are focused on the arts. Let your child explore as many of these as possible. It is important to expose your child to the arts at an early age. For more information about after-school programs in Houston, contact iQurious Kids today.



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