4 Best After-School Programs for an Active Kid

There are many after school programs in Houston geared toward the active child. Explore a martial arts, tumbling, dance, or swimming program.

After-school programs are the perfect outlet for energetic, active kids. Kids tend to have a lot of pent-up energy from sitting at school all day. It is a great idea for parents to sign their children up for after-school programs that allow their kids to burn off some of that excess energy while having fun. There are so many after-school programs in Houston geared toward active kids. See below to learn more about four of these programs,

Global Martial Arts

Martial arts is an excellent activity for energetic kids. It gives them something to focus their energy on and also teaches them a lot about respect. At Global Martial Arts, the instructors make an effort to recognize that each child is an individual with unique needs and goals. Global teaches everyone from complete beginners to those with more experience and everyone in between. This after-school program is for kids ages 10 through 18.

K2 Academy – Tumbling

Tumbling is a fantastic way to get active kids moving. At K2 Academy, kids learn basic tumbling, cheer motions, dance, beginner stunts, and spirit. Instructors focus on rewarding successes. This after-school program is perfect for kids who love to dance, cheer, or do gymnastics. The program is for kids ages 5 through 18.


NiaMoves is an after-school program focused on dance. Dancing is a wonderful way to burn extra energy while having fun and learning important skills. At NiaMoves, kids will learn expressive dance cardio workouts. These workouts combine dancing and athletic skills. The movements are easy to learn and are fun! This program is for kids ages 7 through 12.

W.W. Diving Co.

W.W. Diving Co. provides kids the chance to be active in the water! Instruction is provided in swimming, snorkeling, and Scuba diving. This is the perfect place for kids who are interested in multiple water sports. W.W. Diving Co. has been around since 1984, so the program has a lot of experience working with kids. This program is for kids ages 5 through 18.

After-school programs in Houston are so much fun! If you have an active child, encourage them to attend an after-school program that will help them let their energy out while having fun. From martial arts to swimming, there is a program to fit the interests of every child. For more information about after-school programs, contact iQurious Kids today.

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